Worship Cafe

A Gathering Liturgy

The following liturgy is an example of not only words but the shape of the Gathering. + Indicates where you may cross yourself. ~ Indicates a short pause or ‘Selah’ for a couple of seconds. Other actions (which should be seen as part of the liturgy) are noted. Where it is indicated a Guide is to say something does not mean it has to be the same person, or a single person. You could divide the gathering into two groups, or have individuals take turns.

Phase One - Play

Welcome to our Gathering. As you enter the worship space you are invited to take part in our opening ritual. There will be a few words spoken introducing our worship. Feel free to help yourself to drinks and snacks, sit, pray and explore the worship Items placed throughout our worship space

Phase Two – Focus

After a time we will be called together to say a short liturgy. Feel free to bring any Items you wish with you.

+ In the name of God, The creator, the eternal Christ and the Spirit of wisdom.

The Gathering

All turn to face the each other.

We bring our love to this gathering

What we are we share

We bring our ideas to this gathering

What we are we share

We bring our creativity to this gathering

What we are we share

We bring our whole selves to this gathering

What we are we share

Expression of Guilt and Restoration

We bow our heads

Where we have not Christ’s love

Christ love us

Where we have not the Spirit's wisdom

Spirit teach us

Where we have not the Creator's image

Creator re-form us

Forgive our wrongs and failings.

+ May God mould us, guide us, and touch our hearts. Amen

Expression of Faith

We stand.

The trinity is an eternal dance of three in one.
Let us express our faith.

Creator God, maker and former of all things. ~
We embrace the dance

Christ, our lover and savior who lived, died and rose again for all people ~
We embrace the dance

Holy Spirit who works throughout the world ~
We embrace the dance

Three in One, mystery of the universe ~
We embrace the dance


God of Bread and Wine ~
We Believe

God of Overcoming ~
We Believe

God of Being ~
We Believe

Psalm 130

Out of the depths I cry to you, O God.
God, hear my voice! ~
Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my supplications!

If you, God should mark iniquities,
God, who could stand? ~
But there is forgiveness with you
soo that you may be revered.

I wait for God, my soul waits,
in his word I hope; ~
my soul waits for the lord
more than those who watch for the morning,
more than those who watch for the morning.

Phase Three – Cookies

There will be a story. Please relax. There will be a short introduction to the Cookie Jar. Please take something from the Cookie Jar. Please make your own Cookie and place it in the Jar in response. Now take a new Cookie that someone else has made and respond in the same way to that Cookie.

Phase Four – Caim and Prayers

These or other prayers may be said.

A Version of the Lord's Prayer.

Creator, in whom we live and move and have our being,
your nature is beyond our understanding!

Bring order out of chaos;
transform our thinking;
that the universe may reflect your perfection.

Provide us in life that which we need.
and forgive our failings,
as we forgive those who fail us.

Protect us in trials;
Deliver us from harm and selfishness.

For beauty, order, growth and wonder are found in you,
Now and always. Amen.

Caim Prayer

We stand in a circle, arms linked and pray a prayer of protection

May our creator God encircle and protect us
May our lover Christ encircle and protect us
May our teacher Spirit encircle and protect us
May we be drawn into the eternal dance
May the Sacred Three encircle us and protect us

Stand in Silence and Pause for a few moments

A Sending Out

We prepare ourselves to leave this place

We go out with love, wisdom and beauty
Let us not be separated
We go out as one in God

+ In the name of God, The creator, the eternal Christ and the Spirit of wisdom.