Worship Cafe


Stations are slightly different to items. They tend to be more directed and less open ended. In fact we have already looked at some stations for entering the worship space. Stations normally involve a specific action taking place, say lighting a candle or writing a prayer. Stations can be used with other Items quite effectively, and can be used to bring a theme into the gathering

Example Stations

Prayer Map

Place a large map of on the wall; it could be anything from your local area to a map of the world. Alternatively you could project a map on the wall using a projector. Next to it add a pad of small sticky notes, a pen and perhaps some creative materials. Add a Tag that says:

Create a prayer for a location or person on the sticky note
Stick it in the right place on the map.

Community Building

For this Station you will need enough boxes for everyone to have one. You could use shoeboxes, cereal boxes, business card boxes or any set of boxes of a regular size! Clear boxes are expensive, but a visually impressive option. With the boxes place some creative materials.

Create something unique and personal to you with the materials
Place your offering in one of the boxes
Add your box to the others to take its place in our community